Sanitization Services

Sanitization Services


According to WHO and other health experts Covid 19 is here to stay and protection and taking precautions is the only way to protect ourselves, our families and co workers. The need to live and work in a clean and safe environment has become paramount and Our normal cleaning methods are not sufficient to help us in protecting ourselves in the times of a pandemic.

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Kills 99.9% of Germs


Use of high tech machines


Trained Experts


Ultra low fogging machines to reach every corner


Eco-friendly chemicals


Our team uses the PPE



Touch Point Disinfection

Method - Our well-trained technician will disinfect the human touch points first.

Process - Touch point disinfection will be executed by rubbing all sensitive high touch area like door knobs & latches, handles, railing, Sofa, Switch Boards, Grills, Window Panels, Curtains, keyboards, chair arm rest, desk phones and rest all similar surface.

Surface Disinfection

Method - In this step our well-equipped technicians will disinfect the surface area.

Process - Surface Disinfection is accomplished by steam sterilization along with some specific disinfectants and spray equipments. This is a very crucial step as it decreases potential cross-contaminations.


Aerial Disinfection

Method - Aerial disinfection is based on the application of disinfectant chemicals using spray and fogging equipment. Combining with pressurized air, the disinfecting solution is liberated as small particles, forming a fog-like air suspension in the form of gas which reaches all areas within the room.

Process - Specialized machines (like ULV fogger machine) are utilized to perform aerial disinfection which dispenses the sanitizing solution at a particular pace per second for uniform dispersion. The chemical solution sanitizes the complete room surface including each nook and corner by blending with air and settling down over the surfaces in the room.

To address this requirement, our service professionals, well trained with deep knowledge of disinfection process with extreme focus on appropriately using disinfectants, sanitizing agents, smart tools and automated machinery so that to sanitize spaces and make them safe from virus.

Features of Sanitization Service

SURFACE DISINFECTION - Our trained and equipped technicians will disinfect the sensitive surface areas in this first stage, using advanced machines, smart tools and world-renowned sanitizing agents. Special attention given to high germ contamination spots.Cleans and disinfects high-touch surfaces.

SPATIAL DISINFECTION - Aerial disinfection will be carried out in the second stage, throughout the premise, with the specialized machines and highly effective sanitizing agents. This process ensures effective and appropriate dissemination of the sanitizing solution to all surfaces and crevices.

This treatment is effective in killing 11 types of viruses and 54 types of bacteria including human coronavirus.

We don't use public transport for the local commute. We provide our team their own disinfected vehicle

We use high tech machines with Eco-friendly chemicals

We use ultra low fogging machines to reach every corner

Our team takes special precautions and sanitizes itself before and after every treatment

No cleaning or wiping of the sanitized surface is required after the treatment

Our team uses the PPE (Complete gear for Personal Protective Equipment, Gloves, Mask, Shield

General Precautions

People having an allergy, asthma, infants, pregnant women, senior citizen, children’s and ailing won’t allow during the treatment.

Need Housekeeping Person for support in covering all Electronic Gadgets with the help of polythene sheet.

Complete area needs to be treated, without any exhaust vents/openings, etc.

Employees should be advised not to use the treated area for at least 1-2 hrs.

Cover LCD panels, Phone lines and computer Etc. with the help of newspaper/polythene sheet.

Central AHU should be put off and air vents should be opened for treatment of air conditioning ducts.

Fire Alarms should be put off.

Safe, non-irritating fog posing no hazard.

ULV misting fogger of air space is carried out as per prescribed method which reaches the inaccessible areas.

Total treatment may take 1 to 2 hours’ time – depending upon the area /availability/air tightness.

All exposed surfaces such as walls and floors need to be disinfected.

Frequently Asked Questions


Cleaning is done to remove all the soil, dirt and the chemical residues that are easily visible. It also helps to remove the allergies from utensils and other equipment.

Sanitizing helps to reduce the microorganism level on the item to a safer level. Sanitization should be done after cleaning. If the surface is not clean then sanitization will not help.

Sterilisation and Sanitation are often confused but they are not the same. Sanitization helps in reducing the microorganism level to a safe level and sterilization completely removes microorganisms from the substance. Sterilization is something that is done only in hospitals and not generally practiced at home.

The best way to stay sanitized and prevent yourself and your family from COVID-19. Regularly washing hands is the first step that you can take to prevent yourself from coronavirus. However, the virus could still cling to the other surfaces. This makes it mandatory to sanitize anything that you touch. Make sure that you sanitize the high traffic areas in your home. Also, pay special attention to clean the doorknobs and the countertops. Deep cleaning is essential to prevent yourself and your family from diseases.

All the surfaces in your home need to be disinfected. These are those places that are touched several times during the day. The number of germs on your remote control or the doorknob is something that you can never imagine. You may want to use disinfected wipes to do the needful or you could also hire a professional company that will do the complete cleaning and sanitization for you. Once you get a professional treatment you can then follow the basic hygiene to ensure that your house stays safe.

There are hard to reach places in your home where you may not be able to wipe and clean with ease. Make use of the disinfectant sprays that will kill germs in those places too. If you are not sure about the right way to do it then worry not as there are professional services that will do the needful.

You should try to sanitize everything possible at home. Cleaning and sanitization are what will go a long way in ensuring that your home stays safe from viruses. Cleaning and sanitizing do not let the home pests to infect. It also does not cause food poisoning or any other sort of infections which takes care that your immunity.

Even though you may want to do the home cleaning and sanitization yourself, it is recommended that you hire a professional to clean your home and keep dirt and allergens away. The professionals will sanitise special areas in your house to make sure that the bacteria do not get any chance to spread and you have a fresh and germ-free home.

We Use Germ Killer which kills 99.9 % of germs ,E. Coli,Salmonella sp, Corona Virus,and H1N1 Virus.

Santization chemical which we are using are fully Biodegradable. Chemical is water based, non hazardous, non flammable, non chemical, non toxic, eco friendly, neutral PH & NSF approved

The service is voluntary and not mandatory. However for factories / hospitals/ hotels, the service may be mandatory as part of operational guidelines. For the rest it is only recommended. However, if there is a COVID positive case in your house or a society it is recommended to go for a sanitization service to reduce the chance of spread/control of infection