Prince Greenfit PPR Reducer 25X20

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"Prince PP-R pipes & fittings are most reliable in plumbing and water supply plants, due to their chemical features and fusion welding,
which ensures the plumbing to have a perfect seal tight system"


"Indoor & Outdoor installations of hot and cold water piping systems in residential, commercial & industrial buildings. Heating system inside buildings including floor, wall & radiator heating. Drinking water & liquid food transportation. Air conditioning system & compressed air supply system. Pharmaceuticals. Piping systems for transportation of aggressive fluids in industries. Solar water heating systems."

"1. Better Corrosion Resistance.
2. No scaling, can withstand higher PpH values.
3. UV resistant three layer pipes are suitable for outdoor installations exposed to direct sunlight.
4. Good chemical resistance, suitable for most industrial liquids.
5. Heat fusion jointing results in a homogenous plastic system ensuring leak proof joints.
6. Very less coefficient of friction, low-pressure drop. Extremely high flow properties reducepumping cost.
7. Good abrasion resistance allows higher flow velocities of fluid upto 5 m/sec.
8. A long life when operated under rated tempera ture and pressure conditions.
9. Low maintenance cost.
10. Promotes hygiene by restricting bacterial growth."