• Prince Agriculture Pipes - Aquafit Slotted Pipe 200mm (6Kg) Prince Agriculture Pipes - Aquafit Slotted Pipe 200mm (6Kg)

Prince Aquafit Slotted Pipe 200 mm (6 Kg)

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PRINCE offers a wide range of UPVC Pipes from 20mm to 400mm & Fittings from 20mm to 250mm diameter with working pressure of 16kg/cm, 10kg/cm, 6kg/cm and4kg/cm as well as non-pressure Prestige Fittings for non-pressure applications.
PRINCE PIPES&FITTINGS is crafted to perfection with the highestrange of ISI marked products and are available through a wide-spread network of around 2500 dealers across the country.


Product range:

20mm to 400mm for Pipes & 20mm to 250mm for Fittings

Standard: IS 4985 for Pipes and IS 7834 for Fittings


In agriculture

  • Water supply and distribution schemes Irrigation


  • Drinking Water supply and distribution
  • Cable ducting
  • Ventilation pipeline
  • Slurry lines

Jointing method:

Solvent Joint

Cut the pipes of required length and clean the end.

  • Chamfer the edge of the pipe for easy entry.
  • Mark the depth of insertion on pipe end. o Roughen the pipe insertion surface (externally) & socket of the fitting (internally) by using emery paper.
  • Apply a thin coat of Prince PVC solvent cement on the roughened surface with brush. Avoid excess solvent cement.
  • Insert the pipe end inside socket fitting fully and turn through 90° for even spreading of solvent cement. Hold the joint for about 1 minute.
  • Cure the joint for 24hrs for a proper and permanent leak-proof joint.

Threaded Joint

  • Clean the male and female threads.
  • Apply teflon tape on male thereads in the direction of the thread tightening. Tighten the threads firmly with hands. Tighten the joint slightly more using pipe wrench. Do not over-tighten.
  • Use rubber packing while applying wrench to avoid scratches on the pipe.

 Major advantages:

1.Lightweight, easy to transport, store, handle and install. Saves labour.

2.Corrosion resistance, UPVC is rustproof material therefore bore diameter remains constant,    ensuring constant flow over a lifetime.

3.Smooth bore ensures higher flow compared to GI pipes and fittings of the same size. No clogging. Saves operational cost.

4.Long working life (if operated under normal/recommended working conditions).

5.Solvent cement joint therefore quick installation.

6.Cost effective. Added value for your money.



Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride



 Light Grey

Reference Standards 

 Working Temperature For Pipes & Fittings  

Up to - 60°C - Continuous

Up to 90°C-Short time-up to 3 mins.


Pipes tested for potable water supply as per IS-7834

Fittings tested for potable water supply asper IS-4985


Working Pressure 

 Available in 16kg/cm, 10kg/cm, 6 kg/cm and 4 kg/cm2