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Manhole Covers 900mm (Square)

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Durafit  Manhole & Chamber Covers With frames are light weight & are superior to the conventional cast iron, ductile iron & RCC covers. The covers are avalible in various standred sizes with load bearing capacity from 1.5 to 40 tons.



  • For covering manhole/chamber on:
  • Foot ways and carriageways of roads.
  • Parking area.
  • Aircraft pavements.

Major advantages:

1.Protection against theft with greater safty options

  • Zero theft value,reducing potential accident and further maintance cost caused by thieves.
  • Locks are available as an option molded into the cover to improve security rate.
  • Surface anti-slip thread guarantees safe road conditions even in extreme weather.


  • 50% lighter compared to cast iron manhole covers.
  • It’s lighter weight allows more loading per vehicle and convenient transportation thus saves fright.
  • Allows safer working condition, a single worker is enough during installation without risk of injury.
  1. Durable service life
  • Anti-corrosion,well sealed; prevents poisonous gases, water dust and pests from leaking out.
  • Operating temeratures range of 40°c to 200°c.
  1. High Load Rating & Strengh:
  • Similar hard property as cast iron, while having an overwhelming advantages on stretch recovery.
  • Designed to meet and exceed

A 15/B125/C250/D400/load rating, according to En 124:1994.

  • Less Noice & Lower vibration transmission.


DURAFIT Manhole coves are tested as per BS EN 124 1944 for gully tops & manhole tops for vehicular & pedestrian areas. Load & permanent set testing for following classes:

A-15KN (1.5 ton): Areas which can only be used by pedestrians and pedal cyclists.

B-125KN (12.5 ton): Carriageways of roads (including pedestrian streets), hard shoulders and parking 

C-250kN (25.0 ton): For Gully tops installed in the area of kerbside channels of roads.

D-400 KN (40.0 ton): Carriageways of roads (including pedestrian sheets), hard shoulers and parking area, for all types of road vehicles