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Syska LED Street Lights (150 W)

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Used for street lighting, campus lighting and garden lighting purposes, SYSKA LED Street Lights are more energy-efficient, more environment-friendly and more illuminating as compared to regular lights. Their optic lenses give a wider dispers


  • Model Name: LED Street Lights
  • Model Number: SSKST-150W
  • Input Power: 150W
  • Power Factor: More than 0.90
  • Input Voltage: AC90~300V,50Hz
  • Color Temprature: 4000K-6500k
  • Beam Angle: 170 Deg
  • Lumens: >15750
  • CRI: More than 80
  • Finish: Powder Coated
  • Ingress Protection: Up to IP 68
  • Operating Temperature: (-20 deg to 60 deg centigrade)
  • Led Driver: Constant Voltage & current/intigrated


  • Optic lenses give wide spread of light to cover maximum area
  • Increases pole spacing
  • Replacement of sodium vapour and mercury vapour high vattage lamps