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Syska LED Ceiling Light - 15W

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Ceiling Lights by SYSKA LED are a perfect substitute for your regular tube lights. They are used mainly in houses, restrooms, office spaces etc. These lights are more efficient as they consume lesser electricity, are eco-friendly and produce bare


Model Name: LED Ceiling Light ) Model Number: SSK-CL-02-15W Input Power: 15W Input Voltage: AC90~300V,50Hz Color Temprature: 3000-6500K Lumens: 1350 Operating Temperature: (-20 deg to 60 deg centigrade) APPLICATIONS: ? Homes ? Offices ? Lobbies ? Corridors ? Substitute for CFL base celing light FEATURES: ? Upto 80 % energy saving ? Comes with or without sensor ? Eco-friendly ? Lasts long (>50,000 burning hrs.) ? Wide operating voltage