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Dr. Fixit Torchshield 3mm

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APP/ SBS modified bitumen based membranes for waterproofing of roofs & basements

Recommended for waterproofing of building roofs of all types, basement, foundations and water retaining structures like swimming pools and for bridges & tunnels. Highly suitable for both existing as well as new roofs.


Benefits :

  • Self-finished membrane provides joint less monolithic surface provides an excellent watertight solution
  • High tensile strength, tear & puncture resistance properties make it highly flexible & durable
  • It is an impermeable membrane with less water absorption properties, hence protects the structure from weathering
  • Withstands thermal & structural stresses effectively without any fatigue, improves performance

Thickness 3 mm / 4 mm UEAtc. M.O.A.T.30
Roll size meters 10 x 1 UEAtc. M.O.A.T.30
Mass per unit area kg/sq.mtr. 3.62 / 4.62 UEAtc. M.O.A.T.30
Elongation at break
i) Long. / Trans.
45% / 80% ASTM D 5147
Tensile Strength
i) Long./ Trans
700N/5cm / 450N/5cm ASTM D 5147
Tear Resistance
i) Long./ Trans.
300N /250N ASTM D 5147
Cold Flexibility
(0° to 2° C)
No cracks ASTM D 4586
Carrier Polyester wt g/m2 160 UEAtc. M.O.A.T.30
Softening Point °C >150 ASTM D-36
Heat Resistance at 120°C No Flow UEAtc. M.O.A.T.30
Resistance to Water Pressure No Leakage DIN 52123