I always believe that budgeting Interiors for a Home is the most difficult task as you are so confused with limitless ideas of decking it up. The budget can range from 1lakh to 1 crore or even more depending on the choice in terms of lifestyle products, design element, mood based and modern technological solutions.

Can we really have a low budget interiors which can still personify the space…..Yes its possible with minimalistic design? Minimalistic design is basically using design elements in the right proportion and enhancing the space..

Few ways of designing the space in less budget.
  1. Doing Basic Painting using emulsion or plastic paint with highlighting one wall of each room.
  2. Using Vintage Paintings/Murals to make the wall lively.
  3. Make the room vibrant by adding some planters.
  4. Use of Ambient and mood LED lighting.
  5. Creating furniture’s out of wooden logs to give a rustic look.
  6. Having a lamp with a chrome base maybe a Powder coated drab metal components in smart metallic finishes or bright colors is another way of giving a gloss to your room.
  7. Buy Vintage Second hand stuff in chrome and brass to spice up your space.
  8. Buy good colorful linen, cushions and rugs to bring brightness to your room.
  9. A small waterfall can add the element of ooze and positivity to your space.
  10. Add mirror to make the room look bigger.

The list is endless but basically the best way to budget you interiors.
  1. Write the amount you wish to spare
  2. List down all your requirements
  3. Do some research on these requirements and shortlist the elements and products
  4. Prepare a cost sheet for all the products and services you wish to buy
  5. Segregate all “The Must Have”
  6. Remove all that you don’t require immediately but can be done in second phase

Using the above steps you are almost done with your Budgeted Interiors.

Only one caution "Get the best people to do the Job" even if you have to pay more.

Happy Budgeted Interiors from "The Construction Store"

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