With so much health issues, from impure air to polluted environment, polluting cities, we are at an all-time high health risk. The society as a whole needs to commit to mitigate these risks to ensure good health.

Most importantly the inhabitants in a house are also at health risk due to impure air, arising out of damp walls, seepage, moss, fungus, other aerosols and other gaseous formation due to the damp environment.

Indoor environment contains a complex mix of live (viable) and dead (non-viable) micro organisms, toxins, allergen, and other volatile microbial organic compounds and chemicals

The concentration of source of the microbes and agents get elevated in damp indoor environment and affects health of people living & working there.

This environment combining of fungus, mites produce more allergens, toxin in damp atmosphere, causing asthmatic and respiratory disorder. This environment makes children more susceptible to several ailments and health issues.

Protect your homes & family from health hazards by doing waterproofing

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