Asian Tractor Emulsion

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Offers a smooth finish
1600+ shades to choose from
Comes with two sheen options


Royale Paints are perfect if you're looking for something extraordinary. This range of luxury finishes gives your walls a classy makeover while being high on performance. When your home looks great, you feel great. Give your wall a silky glowing appearance with Royale Interior Paints, an exquisite interior paints that provides a luxurious finish

1. Life: 3 years 

2. Coverage: 265 sq.ft / lt/ coat

3. Anti Fungal: No

4. Washability: Medium  

5. Finish: Matt

6. Drying time: Surface dry time 30 min

7. Sheen levels: 2 - 5 at 60 deg GH

8. Flash point IS101/1987 Part 1, Sec 6: NA

9. Stability of thinned paint: To be used within 24 hours