Prince Rainfit 90 Elbow (With Outlet) 250X160mm

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SKU: PF-PRI-RA-EL9-250X160
Residential Buildings/bungalows, warehouse & factory sheds, commercials buildings.
Public places such as- railway platform sheds/vehicle parking sheds,hotels,schools,institutions.


To change the direction of roof water pipes line though 90 and also provide an outlet for water which is connected with down line pipes.

Major Advantages: 1.Advance system design ensure effective collection of roof water and effective discharge. 2.High mechanical strength and chemical strength can withsarengh can withstand aggressive environment. 3.Light weight, easy to handel, store and transport. 4.Easy to install. Saves cost. 5.Long service life. 6.UV stabilized, can be installed in area directly exposed to sunlight. 7.Smooth and glossy appearance gives it an attractive look